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Please answer the below questions so that MoneyWorld can access the appropriateness of these Investec Structured Products
Have you received any advice or a recommendation from Moneyworld to invest in this product?
Are you aware that if you redeem these products early you may receive back significantly less than you invested?
Are you able to commit to the full investment term and do you have sufficient alternative funds to meet any unplanned expenses or emergencies?
Are you aware that you would lose some or all of your money if Investec were to fail or become insolvent and that most Structured Products do not have Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protection
Are you aware that you will not receive a return above the amount specified in the plan brochure and that you may not receive any return at all?
Are you aware that the growth or income for this product is linked to the performance of then underlying index or equities?
Do you understand that this plan should only form part of a diversified investment portfolio?
Do you understand the personal tax implications of your investment?
I have carefully read the Plan brochure, including any applicable Terms and Conditions for the Plan, and accept the terms under which the Plan will be managed.
I have carefully read the Key Information Document, and fully understand the risks, costs, potential gains and losses of this product.
I understand that Jeff Ludgate Limited t/a Moneyworld does not provide investment advice or assess the suitability of this product, and that I therefore take full responsibility in proceeding with this product.
Which type of investments have you previously held?
How long have you been investing?
How long have you been investing? (Required)